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  • Stainless Steel Wine Storage Refrigerator Cabinet
  • Stainless Steel Wine Storage Refrigerator Cabinet
Stainless Steel Wine Storage Refrigerator Cabinet

Stainless Steel Wine Storage Refrigerator Cabinet

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Product Description

To create the wine storage refrigerator cabinet, a slim and trendy appliance made for admirers and connoisseurs of wine was born. It comes from the top Leading China Wine Storage Refrigerator Cabinet Manufacturer; hence it can take in up to 100 bottles of wine at once making it ideal to store various vintages.

Besides its contemporary appearance, this is a high-grade stainless steel built wine storage cabinet, which ensures both strength & longevity. The construction is made up of stainless steel that guards against light, heat or humidity that may compromise their quality after a while.

The cabinet inside provides enough space to ensure proper organization of your bottles such that you can change the arrangement as desired with the availability of adjustable shelves. Homes, entertainment areas and even wine cellars would be ideal places where this stainless steel wine storage refrigerator cabinet combines fashion with practicality.

In case you are either an expert on wines or a freshman who has just entered into the world of wines then this fridge will give you security as well as style for keeping your best brands till they are ready to be enjoyed again.

Wine Storage Refrigerator Cabinet Specifications:

Product No.RT 003
Standard SizeW1200*H2400*D500mm
Material304 Stainless Steel
SurfaceDeep PVD vacuum plating, no fingerprints
LightingEnergy Saving
CompressorImported Embraco
LayerTransparent Acrylic
DoorHollow Electric Glass
Filling MaterialThermal Insulation Polyurethane
ColorsBrushed Gunmetal Black

Wine Storage Refrigerator Cabinet Features:

1. High quality national standard 1.0MM SUS304#.

2. Imported compressor Brazil Embraco brand, power 500W, 12-18 degrees adjustable, color temperature 4000K, PVD vacuum plating, antioxidant, long-lasting color, negative ion air purification system, green energy saving, to meet a variety of wine storage.

3. Transparent high-strength nanometer anti-fingerprint coating.

4. The door frame is opened by Swiss laser equipment, cut by precise 1 to 1 wire cutting equipment, 45 degree splicing, no shifting, small gap, no bursting open.

5. German cold welding full welding technology, no deformation without welding point, seamless, one-piece molding effect.

6. Built-in lighting effect, easy to clean.

7. Heat insulation and heat preservation filled with polyurethane environmentally friendly materials, the inner frame PVD vacuum plating.

Wine Storage Refrigerator Cabinet Application

  • Wine Cellars: Wine storage refrigerator cabinets are frequently used alongside traditional wine racks in homes that have dedicated wine cellars or storage rooms. The units enable control of temperature and humidity levels so that wines can mature well over extended periods.

  • Bars and Restaurants: Wine storage refrigerator cabinets are indispensable items for storing and showcasing collections of wine within commercial settings like hotels, bars, and restaurants. They also help to ensure high quality of wines served and make overall dining experiences better.

  • Wine Shops and Retail Stores: Wine storage refrigeration cabinets are found in retail establishments which specialize on selling wines where they display them. These types of fridges may have glass doors at times so as to show people the different sorts of brands available and then protect them against harsh light as well as fluctuations in temperatures.

Wine Storage Refrigerator Cabinet FAQ

What are the key features of a wine storage refrigerator?

  • Temperature control within a specific range that is best for wine storage (usually between 45-65°F or 7-18°C).

  • Humidity management to keep corks moist and prevent oxidation.

  • UV-resistant glass or solid doors to protect wine from light.

  • Minimal vibration to avoid disturbing wine sediment.

How do I choose the right wine storage refrigerator for my needs?

  • Capacity: Choose a size that fits the size of your collection or expected growth.

  • Temperature zones: Choose a single zone (maintains one temperature at all times) or dual zone (sets two separate temperature zones for different types of wine).

  • Installation: Determine if you want a built-in or freestanding model based on your kitchen or wine cellar layout.

  • Features: Look for UV protection, humidity control, and shelving configurations that fit your bottle sizes and types.

Can I store other beverages in a wine storage refrigerator besides wine?

While wine refrigerators are optimized for wine storage, they can also be used to store other beverages such as champagne, beer, or other beverages that suit similar storage conditions.

How do I maintain a wine storage refrigerator?

  • Clean the interior and exterior regularly. Check and adjust temperature settings as needed.

  • Monitor humidity levels and refill water tanks (if applicable).

  • Make sure door seals are intact to maintain temperature and humidity control.

Do wine storage refrigerator cabinets make noise?

Most modern wine refrigerators are designed to operate quietly. However, noise levels will vary by model and brand. If noise is a concern, look for a unit with noise reduction features.

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HomeProducts Stainless Steel Cabinet Stainless Steel Wine Cabinet Stainless Steel Wine Storage Refrigerator Cabinet